DayDreamer Power Lift Chair Recliner

The DayDreamer™ is a medium-sized power lift recliner offering our exclusive PowerPillow™ articulating headrest and power lumbar STANDARD! It features The Cloud™ seating system and our custom bucket seat design. Recline, relax, and adjust your head and back positions with the touch of a button.

Standard Features:

• Patented MaxiComfort® Positioning

• Adjustable Headrest

• Adjustable Lumbar

• Custom Bucket Seat

• Programmable AutoDrive™ Hand Control

• USB Charging Port

• Extra Pocket

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    • Elevates Feet

    • Alleviates Pressure On Lungs

    • Distributes Weight

    • Relieves Pressure Points

    • Supports Natural ‘S’ Shape of Spine

    • Encourages Proper Posture

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    PR632-Product Info & Specs