At AABA Family Medical Supply, we read and appreciate all of your feedback in order to continuously improve our service and products. Included here are some of the honest reviews and feedback we received.

  • Friendly service and a fully stocked apothecary !

    Thomas Moran

  • Great service


  • Very helpful. Friendly accommodating know their stuff. Would highly recommend

    Cherry Landis

  • on time, cooperative and easy to arrange.

    Cynthia Messick

  • Very accommodating delivering and picking up from our Wildwood hotel for a scooter rental. Scooter worked excellent. I Will be a repeat customer.

    Cindy Isgro

  • AABA Medical Supply helped me out in a jam! We thought we planned everything for our 1 week stay in Wildwood for our family, but we forgot one important thing – an electric scooter for my dad. He’s a really young 86-year-old and has no problems walking for everyday things but add the boardwalk and a bunch of his grandchildren and there was no way he’d be able to keep up or even join our family nights on the boardwalk. AABA accommodated us in literally hours, delivering a beautiful electric mobility scooter for my dad. They spend 30 minutes teaching him how to use it and how to charge it. The scooter allowed dad to have an awesome time with his family instead of having to stay home.

    Thanks, AABA for helping us. You don’t see this level of service these days.

    Jeffrey “Captain Z” Zampitella

  • AABA was extremely helpful. They were reasonably priced, and very kind.

    Elan Zingman-Leith

  • Everything was just perfect from delivery window times to pickup.
    The two gentlemen were friendly, pleasant and very efficient. So glad I rented the chair for my husband. It made our vacation that much more pleasurable.

    Rosanne Menzel

  • Company personnel are very pleasant to deal with. Both the employees I spoke to on the phone and the delivery person were extremely polite and accommodating.

    John Markowski

  • Very easy to work with. Timely pick up and delivery. Reasonable pricing as well.


  • My scooter from AABA was delivered to my hotel in Ocean City, NJ, before I arrived so it was ready when I wanted to travel on the boardwalk. It functioned perfectly, and it was easy for me to learn how to drive it. I would recommend this company.

    Diane Friedman

  • Great customer service. On time. Accommodating to our needs. Kind and friendly! I highly reccomend their business and I will be using them again!

    Janice Steskal-Smith

  • Convenient delivery, comfortable seating, husband/son in law said easy to maneuver

    Denise Greenberg

  • Our family ordered a hospital bed, lift chair, and beach wheelchair so that our mother could comfortably stay for a week with us at the beach. This was a huge success! Mom slept comfortably all night long, enjoyed reclining in the chair while visiting with family, and was happy to join us at oceanside. The equipment was beautifully clean, with almost no signs of wear, and the delivery and pickup were prompt, friendly, and efficient. In addition, email and phone correspondence with the AABA office was prompt, courteous, and helpful. We will definitely use AABA Family Medical Supply again.

    Amanda Green

  • Products were in very good condition.

    Alex Prokopchuk

  • Efficient, friendly, & convenient service

    Gaye Loginow

  • great help and very efficient and kind

    William Messick

  • We live in Penna and vacation in Ocean City NJ. We are dependent on DME and AABA Medical has given us the peace of mind to travel on our vacation. We have our own scooter however the battery failed last September in the first couple days of our trip. I called Joe (owner), although all his staff are super, and they delivered a battery, installed it and we were good to go. We decided to rent a scooter just to be safe. We also rent a recliner lift chair to make our vacation just like being at home. Also, my wife is on oxygen and knowing AABA has the supplies and personnel to handle any problems is a great peace of mind. They are super acomodating ! Thank you AABA !

    Melanie & Barry Stock

    Barry Stock

  • Great experience renting a hospital bed from Abba for our extended stay rental home. Delivery and pickup seamless, it was very easy to work with the staff.

    Margaret Ross

  • Went in to get my grandmothers walker fixed, everyone was so polite and fixed the walker in no time. I would highly recommend going to AABA for all medical supply’s.

    Kimberly Fecca

  • Went into AABA to get something fixed, and the staff was great! They were very helpful, knew exactly what they were doing, and I was out of there in no time.

    Jaylyn Wiggins

  • Joe was absolutely fantastic. He explained everything took a lot of time and I do mean a lot of time with talking with me and explaining everything and how the scooter worked and going over every detail even changing the color from red to blue because I like the blue better everyone in the store was an absolute blessing.

    Gale Douthwaite

  • very helpful and nice!

    Madeline Woltjen

  • Very helpful! Great employees!

    Jen Moore

  • You’ve been wonderful thank you for your help

    Frances Addario

  • Been dealing with AABA Family Medical Supply, for the past 4 years, there are always kind and courteous. There always on time with delivering your order. I highly recommend them, great people and service.

    Mike Trib

  • I called Joe looking for a 4 channel EMS/TENS unit.. he asked some specific questions about the unit and why I needed it. You explain to me that it’s difficult to get these units through the insurance due to the difficulty in finishing the paperwork. Which was the fourth time that morning that I heard this. I was told the same thing by the rehabilitation facility I am in. I just couldn’t take no for an answer again. My injury I received 9 months ago has had me in a wheelchair and Joe had asked me a few questions on how it happened and the Outlook. After explaining everything to him I let him know that I wasn’t very hopeful that I could get this through the insurance.. but if there was any chance of maybe getting it through a bigger medical supply store what would I need to do so I can get my ducks in a row. Once again he asked the specifics and told me he would call me back. At this point I was hopeful that maybe if he found one he would just do his best to push it through the insurance. Or at least try. But that’s not what happened. Things are already difficult enough for people in my situation. And I believe from the bottom of my heart that Joe understands this as well. He called back and said he bought it and shipped it to his house the following morning. Also that he would deliver it to my facility and I was shocked and I said what about the prescription you don’t have the prescription. He said
    “no this is on me I’m getting this for you. And I also got you the extra attachments because the unit comes with a limited amount”
    I instantly teared up and said why would you do this And he said
    “it’s just something I felt I needed to do. Your story touched me and I wanted to help you. I own the business and I’m able to do this. I just hope this helps you get better”
    I know I am just one person but I can’t help but say he deserves to be in the spotlight. This was a completely selfless act and he wanted no credit. I just couldn’t do that. Please support his shop anyway you can..
    thx Joe.

    At some point when I am in better condition than I am now I will most definitely pay it forward in your name and honor. You have an amazing soul and I can’t thank you enough

    John Silversmith

  • AABA is a great place they are very helpful and are very caring towards their customers. Definitely recommend this place everyone is so awesome. This place has done so much for the community.

    Brenda Velazquez

  • Very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly owner and staff. They made the process of getting a short notice wheelchair easy and virtually stress free.

    Cristine Nickles

  • Thank you ABBA, your staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. They treat the customers with such grace and always listen in order to provide the best service possible.

    Kelly O’Donnell

  • Very knowledgeable of their products. Great customer service! Great experience

    Vivian Johnson

  • Excellent products and customer service!!

    Tommy Greco

  • AABA Family Medical is a great business that i will definitely be recommending to everyone. They had parts and filters for my CPAP machine in stock. And also sanitized my machine the same day. Jamie their respiratory therapist was great each time I visited. She was very friendly and knowledgeable, she helped me with fitting several masks until i got the one for me. All of the staff at AABA were friendly and helpful and I look forward to dealing with them for my future needs.

    Paul Roy

  • They’re the best. They’ve helped me find the right equipment and clothing for my disabled grandfather, and they had compression socks that I could use for long distance running; all at a great price. The service was exceptional. The staff is knowledgeable. There’s nowhere else I’d go.

    Jeff Brault

  • I would highly recommend this medical supply to anyone . Very nice & kind.

    Josephine Avanzato

  • We rented a beach wheelchair for my mother and had an excellent experience! The reservation process was smooth and professional. Delivery and pick up in Stone Harbor could not have been easier. Will certainly work with AABA Family Medical in the future. Thank you!

    Carol Sutton

  • Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They can get pretty much anything you need if it’s not in stock.

    Bruce C

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