Bras & Forms for Post-Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, & Other Breast Surgeries for Women

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Appealing Apparel

If you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or other breast surgeries, visit AABA Family Medical Supply for an assortment of items for everyday living.

Whether you’re looking for breast forms, shapers, bras, tank tops, swimsuits, or compression garments, you’ll find them here.

Our staff listens to your needs and helps you find the garments and products you want to live a full life after surgery. Count on our licensed, dependable fitters and soundproof dressing room to help restore your confidence.

Apparel and Forms by Top Manufacturers

  • American Breast Care
  • Amoena
  • Anita
  • Jodee
  • Lymphedivas

compression garmentsProsthetics and Compression Garments

Check out our selection of breast prosthesis when you come to our shop. They are a simple, comfortable, and natural-looking way to restore symmetry after surgery. A well-made, well-maintained prosthesis will last for years.

We offer breast forms in a variety of shapes. Silicone options include standard, lightweight, ultralight, and super soft.

Silicone shapers are flexible products that meet a variety of needs. Use them for filling in deficits from a lumpectomy or reconstruction or for natural balancing needs.

Lymphedema is a potential side effect of breast cancer treatment. This condition causes a permanent swelling of the arms. Physicians and lymphedema therapists recommend a compression sleeve as the most effective way to control the swelling. We have an assortment of fashionable and comfortable compression products on hand.

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