Bruno Elite Curved Stair Lift

Enjoy the stair lift built specifically for your home. The updated Bruno Elite Curved stair lift delivers an unmatched smooth, quiet ride from start to finish. With Bruno’s signature stair lift, the quality and comfort are second to none. Add power options to further customize your Elite curved chair lift to fit your lifestyle.

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    Bruno’s Signature, Custom Curved Stairlift

    • Top-selling curved stair lift in North America
    • Multiple options for individual needs, tastes
    • Exceptionally stable, quiet ride
    • Luxury quality, stylized chair
    • Adjustable seat, arms, footrest
    • Hand-crafted rail for precise fit
    • Space-saving vertical rail with covered gear rack
    • High-performance, easy operation
    • Dependable power even in electric outage
    • Two wireless remote controls


    Stairlift components displayed in photos subject to change.

    Standard seat pad size:
    17.5 in x 15 in deep (445 mm x 381 mm)

    Larger seat pad option:
    21.5 in x 16 in deep (546 mm x 406 mm)

    Standard footrest size:
    10 in long x 9 in deep (254 x 229 mm)

    Larger footrest option:
    12 in long x 11 in wide (305 mm x 279 mm)


    Two 12-volt batteries

    Charges at top or bottom of stairs or optional mid-park position


    Obstruction sensors

    Seat belt

    Offset swivel seat