Wrangler 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

This product is not a medical device and is not intended to assist, treat, diagnose, or alleviate any medical condition or disability.

Rugged and built to last, the Wrangler is everything you want in an outdoor scooter.

Feel the crisp, fresh air, smell the blossoms on the trees and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the outdoors. Your adventure awaits, and nothing stands in your way. Forge a new path with the Wrangler®, an aggressive, outdoor scooter designed for extreme and rugged conditions. With powerful suspension, bright lighting and dual hydraulic brakes, this beast of a scooter is a powerful force.

Light Your Way in Rugged Style

The full LED lighting package includes headlights, hazard lights, a rear backup sensor LED light and directional signals.

The adjustable delta tiller provides you with ergonomic wraparound handles for a comfortable grip. Easily visible from the top of the delta tiller, you can navigate your way in every situation with the LED console. The display provides you with miles driven, trips taken, temperature, and time. Form meets function with the USB charger port conveniently located midway down the delta tiller. It provides convenience and safely keeps your smartphone fully charged anywhere you go.

Safety is always top of mind when we design features for our products and the hydraulic hand brake is at the top of the list. This hand brake allows you to make split-second stops to keep you safe in those unpredictable occasions.

Go where no mobility scooter has gone before.
Your Wrangler outdoor mobility scooter adventure starts when you plant the first tomato seedlings in the sunny patch beyond the barn. It starts when you can take the grandkids up the road to the secret pond where you caught frogs as a child.

It’s the moment you notice untouched destinations coming into focus aboard the toughest outdoor mobility scooter on the market.

The wild is calling.
Let’s start on the ground, where 14.5” tubeless pneumatic tires raise you up over previously impassable obstacles. Sturdy front and rear suspension keep you sailing smoothly over uneven terrain, with powerful twin motors cranking out 7.7 peak horsepower at the rear wheels.

The next-generation Wrangler features a 350-pound weight capacity, speeds up to 11.4 mph, and a range that takes you out for the long haul – up to 29.4 miles per battery charge. Like any good all-terrain vehicle, we built the Wrangler with your adventurous lifestyle in mind.

Ask us where you can go with the Wrangler.

Discover Your Next Adventure

What will you be conquering today with the Wrangler? Dominate uneven terrain with this great outdoor mobility scooter that provides superior front and rear suspension with adjustable shocks, for greater comfort as you glide over dirt, gravel, grass, pavement, trails, paths and mud.

The Wrangler is equipped with 14.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tires to absorb unevenness from the terrain underneath of you. This provides a smoother, better ground grip, with less friction between the tire and road. It is equipped with 7.7 peak HP dual motors, to boldly go wherever you choose to take it.

This powerful feature provides agility and better handling when it comes to meeting every rider’s need and style.


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    Wrangler® Features:

    • 350 lbs. weight capacity
    • Up to 11.4 mph at 200 lbs.
    • 94.75″ turning radius
    • Up to 29.4 miles per charge at 200 lbs.; up to 24.2 miles per charge at 350 lbs.
    • Limited recline, black vinyl, high-back seat
    • 7.7 Peak HP dual motors
    • Storage Compartment
    • CTS Suspension includes adjustable shocks for greater comfort
    • User friendly LED console displays time, temperature, miles driven, and trips taken
    • Adjustable delta tiller with ergonomic, wraparound handles
    • USB charger built into the tiller for convenient charging of smartphones and portable devices
    • Durable and stylish rear bumper
    • Easily accessible tie-down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter)
    • Full LED lighting package includes headlights, hazard lights, rear backup sensor LED lights and directional signals