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Mobility Rentals: Scooter Operating Instructions

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Familiarize yourself with the controls: Before you begin operating the scooter, make sure you understand how to use the controls. The controls will vary depending on the model, but typically there will be a throttle control, a brake control, and a steering column.

The videos below will assist you in understanding and working with your scooter.


Charging Your Scooter

A walk-through guide of how to position and fully charge your scooter, as well as some important tips and locations.

Assembling Your Scooter

Step-By-Step video on how to assemble your scooter, and how to best position each section when putting it together.

Scooter Troubleshooting Tips

Tips such as what to do if the scooter is not moving and as well as if the scooter is beeping.

Operating Your Scooter:

Adjust the seat and armrests: Make sure the seat is adjusted to a comfortable height and the armrests are positioned so you can easily reach the controls.

Turn the scooter on: Most mobility scooters have a power switch located near the controls. Turn the scooter on and wait for it to fully engage before attempting to move.

Use the throttle to move forward: To move the scooter forward, use the throttle control. Gradually increase the speed until you are comfortable with the scooter’s handling.

Use the brake to slow down or stop: The brake control is typically located on the opposite side of the throttle control. Use the brake to slow down or bring the scooter to a complete stop.

Use the steering column to turn: To turn the scooter, use the steering column. Make sure to turn at a slow speed and keep your hands on the steering column at all times.

Be aware of your surroundings: Keep an eye out for obstacles and other people. Always yield to pedestrians and follow all traffic rules.

Always wear a helmet: It’s important to wear a helmet when operating a mobility scooter, just as you would when riding a bike or motorcycle.

Charge the battery: When you’re finished using the scooter, make sure to plug it in and charge the battery. This will ensure that it’s ready to go the next time you need it.

Remember to always operate the scooter safely and responsibly. 

After watching the videos, if you have any additional questions about how to use the scooter, just ask us for guidance.

Mobility Rentals

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Let’s face it–medical equipment is expensive! But you can offset the costs of medical equipment through mobility rentals for your home. Ideal for short-term or long-term use, mobility rentals tend to be more affordable and more accessible. Whether you or your loved one is on vacation, in a temporary housing situation, or simply recovering from an injury, we have got your back with affordable mobility rentals.

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Renting a lift chair can make any stay away from home more comfortable. Lift chairs assist with getting out of the chair by raising you up into a standing position.

Golden GP620-Compass-HD Mobility Scooter in Hammonton, NJ

Mobility Scooters

Renting a mobility scooter can help individuals enjoy their vacation to the fullest, without the stress and discomfort that often comes with navigating uneven terrain.

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If you need a hospital bed for a temporary period, the rental services from AABA has what you need. Make your vacation stay as comfortable as your own home!

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