Vertical Platform Lift in Cape May, Sea Isle City, Cape May Courthouse, Wildwood, Ocean City, NJ, Villas, NJ and Nearby Cities

With a vertical platform lift, getting to the outside of your house is easier. This outdoor device, also known as a porch lift, can push a button to move you and your wheelchair or scooter from one level to another on a semi-enclosed platform. The buttons on the side of the unit make it simple to move the lift up and down. You’ll be able to enter and exit your home whenever you need to without assistance if you install a vertical platform lift.

Bruno Commercial 3 Gate Vertical Platform Lift in Cape May, Sea Isle City, Cape May Courthouse, Wildwood, Ocean City, NJ, Villas, NJLet us look at the top benefits of installing a vertical platform lift:

Facilitated accessibility: Having an upward stage lift makes it simple for companions or relatives with restricted portability to stay at your home or remain on your holiday. This ease of entry and exit can be transformative for elderly parents and grandparents.

Security: Current vertical stage lifts have more well-being highlights than any other time, diminishing the gamble of injury or mishap to the client and any youngsters or pets present on the property. For instance, when there is something in the lift’s underside, built-in sensors will stop it from moving downward, preventing potential harm to children or pets.

Easy Maintenance: Because of their lightweight but long-lasting construction, aluminum lifts don’t need much maintenance. It naturally resists rust and decay, ensuring that it will continue to be functional and clean for as long as possible.

Bruno vertical platform lifts are installed and repaired by AABA Family Medical Supply. Designed and constructed by Bruno’s master craftsmen, Bruno’s wheelchair lifts offer individuals and caregivers who require assisted access to a porch or deck a robust, dependable, and cost-effective option. We can assist you in finding a vertical platform lift for your home or business. Contact us if you are based in Cape May, Sea Isle City, Cape May, Courthouse, Wildwood, Ocean City, NJ, Villas, and NJ areas.